The Government of the Republic of the Philippines has determined that the expeditious construction and operation of the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Project is essential to the economic development of the South Luzon Area (CALABARZON). Through its line agency, the Department of Public Works and Highways, Toll Regulatory Board, the government entered into Toll Concession Agreement with STAR Infrastructure Development Authority (SIDC). This Agreement which was signed on June 18, 1998 at Makati City in effect converts the STAR Project into a Toll Expressway.

The consortium formed under the name of STAR Infrastructure Development Corporation (SIDC) won bidding for the STAR Project. As a Concessionaire, the SIDC will develop, finance, construct, operate and maintain the project under the Build-Transfer-Operate (BOT) Scheme pursuant to R.A. 6957 as amended by R.A. 7718 (The Build-Operate-Transfer Law of B.O.T. Law). A Notice to Proceed was issued to the consortium in March 7, 2000.

Project Description

The Project STAR starts at Sto. Tomas and proceed southwards to Batangas City with a total distance of about 41.90 kms. It is divided into two (2) major stages as follows:

Stage 1 – Sto. Tomas-Lipa City

Is a 4-lane road with distance of 22.16kms. more or less. It was constructed and completed in year 2000 and financed by the Government of the Philippines. Upon completion, it was upgraded by the Concessionaire into a tollway facility for integration into the STAR Project. Toll facilities, operations and maintenance control centers were provided by the concessionaire. This roasd is currently operational.

Stage 1 – Sto. Tomas-Lipa City

This project; Lipa City – Batangas City section, starts at the end of Stage 2 in Tambo Interchange Bridge over Laurel Highway at Tambo, Lipa City. it traverses south, crossing the San Jose-Ibaan Road at Malainen, where a proposed diamond interchange will be constructed. The project will end at Laurel Highway in Brgy. Balagtas, Batangas City connecting PPA (Diversion) Road going to Batangas Pier.

The new road will be a 4-lane roadway with a total length of 19.74 kms. The road will be initially constructed as a 2-lane expressway under Phase I and will eventually be widened to 4 lanes under Phase II. The detailed engineering design for the whole project, as an expressway, was completed in 1992. However, the Concessionaire updated this to convert the expressway into a toll road.